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All Out Blitz...Politicians Style

6/8/2010 11:15 AM

In the words of Grady Wilson of Sanford and Son...."Good Goobly Goop". It is Primary Runoff Day, and it was an all out blitz from the Politicos with a touch of spice from Pam Grier, aka Foxy Brown. We topped it off with a meal from Taco Mama located in The Hot Water City.

You know the smart folk running for office come on the Show With No Name. They have been asking Tommy Smith and more recently David Bazzel for their help for years and today is no exception. Anybody can ask about health care, the economy, or the oil spill debacle in the Gulf. But, the stuff the unwashed masses really want to know about our elected  and wannabe officials is the part of them that make them human to us. So without further ado.

First in this morning before 7am was Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. He comes across sincere. Mr. Halter has been married 4 years and is a father of 2 little girls. So surely he doesn't want to destroy the world before they grow up. He is a cheeseburger eating baseball fan. If he had an Ipod he would have the Beatles on it. Favorite movie is True Grit with John Wayne. He even has his favorite lines. I got to hear one before he left. If you want to know, hit me back in comments and I'll tell you.. Mr. Halter and I are close to the same age so his teen heartthrob? Wait for it, wait for it.....Farrah Fawcett. Oh and he used the term 'Cornhusker Kickback'. I don't know what that is but maybe he has seen an advanced copy of the new Karate Kid. See if you can use it in a sentence. Lastly, I'm taller.

The incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln stopped by around 8:30 and proved she could hang with the boys. Married with children herself. She is a farmers daughter from Helena. HOWDEEE!  She is a hopeless romantic that likes the movies Gone with the Wind and Daddy Longlegs. I never heard of it. The Senator said it was a chick movie and hey, she's a chick. Her heartthrob growing up? Get this Archie Manning! Yes that Archie. Peyton and Elis daddy. I would tell you the other brothers name but he's like Chuck Cunningham from Happy Days fame. Exactly! Hey if that's not enough, Mrs. Senator Lincoln can skin a buck and run a trotline. Even looked under the rocks to get those crawdads. Oh, and her Ipod has the King! Thank you, thank you very much. You know what? TV does not do her justice. She is actually quite fetching.

Tim Wooldridge called in. He is running for Congress in the 1st Congressional district. His opponent was in yesterday so, Tim needed his time.He is from Paragould. The only city in the world with that name. Did you know that? Did you know Wayne Newton was of Indian decent? Mr. Wooldridge loves him some baseball and strawberries. Check this. He had the hots for Mary Ann not Ginger on Gilligan's Island. I dig that about him.

I can't remember if anyone else was on wanting your vote. Oh yea a fella running for Land Commissioner. Bryant was his name. Wasn't it? If you see that name on the ballot, take it from me he is a cool dude. If not, just mark Yes/Yes  and get out of the booth.

Pam Grier called in. She once dated Richard Pryor in the 70's and even drove down the I-450 with Pryors sick, smaller than miniature, pony with its head poking out of the Jag. Feel free to make up your own jokes. Miss Foxy Brown also dated Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr. while he was winning championships for recently departed Coach John Wooden and UCLA.How you like me now?

And thank you to Taco Mama Owner Diana and Ass. Mngr. Lora Lee.  They cooked up some quesos for us good enough That Tommy Smith and the khaki pant wearing David Bazzel had some. Must be good then, huh?

What a show! Hats off to Danny Joe Crofford for getting that all set up. Great Job DJC!

Had all you want? Tomorrow Steve 'Wildman' Wilson is in right before the 7o'clock hour. Followed by the Lovely Lindy.

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