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The Van Dykes

6/16/2010 1:25 PM

Happy Humps Day!! Well, Tommy is so ready for vacation. He is playing the soundtrack to the first Griswall movie. He has got it bad. David was in Dallas on business so, I was in the "Gun Chair". What is the "Gun Chair"? Thanks for asking. That is the David Bazzel chair. You see,Tommy is the Big Chair Man. He is the King. Davids' chair is for the ones with the, you know.....ARMS baby! The Guns!! They may be little, but a derringer is still a gun.

Steve 'Wildman' Wilson stopped in with a guest. A nice fella by the name of Bill Lindsey. Bill runs the Lindsey Resort in the Heber Springs area. I learned a little about Trout fishing from them. Cold water is where the Trout fishing is and no better time to do that than during this time of year. If you haven't picked out a gift for the father in your family have they got a dad for you. June 25th there is going to be an auction for the Resort. Now a reserve must be met but, whose dad wouldn't want their own 45 cabin, full RV hookup, fishing that never stops, and so much more as their own personal resort. You can bid on line at

Lindy was in and looking as lovely as ever. It's not sexual harassment if it's true so there trouble makers. She was very excited to inform that the skating party for July 10Th is coming together nicely. She is current looking for the vintage clothes to wear. Did i mention that it is a 1970s theme? Get more info on the location and tickets on The Buzz web site. Come out and skate with us. It is going to be awesome. I hope we have an ambulance handy.

Actor comedian Jerry Van Dyke stop by to plug his movie that Tommy also had an appearance in. He had some stories of being on the movie set of the John Wayne movie MClintock. Also turned down the role of Gilligan. Might have been a mistake according to him. I say no it wasn't. It worked out best that way. Jerrys' brother Dick called in speaking about his July 10Th visit to Hot Springs for the American Cancer Society. You know what? All that info and the entire interview with the legends can be heard right here.

David is back tomorrow. Buckley from Denton's Trotline is going to feed us. So stop by if you get a chance.

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