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6/21/2010 11:16 AM

We recapped  Dentons Trotline remote Friday night. Everyone had a great time. Tommy said he has been doing things like that a long long time and that was the best time he has ever had. His mom and dad, wife, son, and sons girlfriend were there.  Matt and Mary Jackson. what the heck am I doing? I could go on and on but there's not enough time.

David Bazzel is the James ' Hardest Working Man in Show Business' Brown at The Buzz. He opened The Back Porch and turned off the lights when he left that night, or Saturday morning if you please. Number 53 still has the flexibility and stamina of a twenty something. Did I mention I am being trained by this 4 year Letterman and Team Captain of the University of Arkansas Razorback? Well I am and he is, Always in Control!

Danny-Joe ate of course. Too busy to sing with his buddies. But the biggest surprise was the display of talent by The Zone duo of Justin Acri and Pat Bradley. They rapped to something. Does it matter what it was? They killed.

Don't miss the next one if you can help it. Tomorrow the Outlaw is that much close to his vacation. I wonder if David told him he has to be back Thursday night July 1st. Oh well, no worries my Sensei (Japanese for teacher - It's a Karate Kid thing) can handle it.

I wrote more than I thought I would today. Buckly Denton is waiting....................Going Fishing!

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