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6/24/2010 10:59 AM

What is happening youse?  You know how you drive the same road everyday and you fall into one of those driving comas and BAM! You're 20 miles down the road and can't believe you're that far? Sure you do. I said all that to say the show today was fast. After the first break at 6:30, I looked down and it was already 8:00. You understand what I'm saying? It was a great ride today. If all I said was that previous sentence the blogs wouldn't be very long......OK I heard that.

War Memorial Stadium has gotten a financial boost. The field our beloved Hogs will play on is now named AT&T Field. We talked with Charlie Staggs early on. Here's what he had to say...

We were treated to Bigelow, Arkansas and now The Show With No Name favorite Job McCully. Job  also brought his mom Tina and treated us to some Petit Jean Meats. The 10 year old knows how to roll. He will be throwing out the first pitch tomorrow nights Arkansas Travelers game. Listen to his story...

Steve 'Wildman' Wilson made a visit to talk about the Big Bass Tournament. For more info

The show had one more pair of tix to the Eagles contest and with did it The Show With No Name way.....Danny-Joe Cosell

I will have anther pair of tix tonight starting at 5:00 on the Cajuns Wharf Big Swinging Deck Party.

The Outlaws last day before a week in Florida should have some keeper moments. David still looking for his Girl Friday, a good night sleep, and better alarm clock. That plus it's a Friday show. Oh Yea Jerry!!

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