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Tommy Out

6/28/2010 10:14 AM

The Outlaw is on vacation this week. That leaves David, Crofford, and myself to do the informing and entertaining. I had a great time today. First time in the big chair in a while so be patient please.

Harry King came in and talked about..........being in Branson. I wish he was my grandpa so I could drive him more nuts than I do now. No, wait, he did jump in on the Hooten's Magazine cover talk. I'm just wild about Harry. That's a song for you youngsters.

Speaking of which. Barry Grooms with Hooten's was in. I got my magazine and you can too. In all Kroger stores now. Calling it a magazine is not fair. It's more a large size paperback book. I'm excited because it means we are that much closer to seeing the Hogs. Also, to witnessing the Cowboys Superbowl at home at home. How 'Bout Dem Cowboys!

We have a mannequin we are trying to name and playing songs performed by actors and actress. There are a ton of them when a couple would have sufficed. Doing both all week along with Davids search for Girl/Guy Friday continuing.

Big show tomorrow. Too much to list. Gotta go now, The Zone up next and I'm working it baby. Join us tomorrow for more fun than you should ever have on a Tuesday.

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