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Fourth of July?

7/1/2010 2:51 PM

It was our last day in the studio before the 4Th so we blew it up! David, Crofford, and myself had on matching patriotic shirts. We even had Mannequin With No Name ready for the holiday weekend. If David can get the clip from Daybreak it will be posted on our web and facebook pages. Listen to me. If it can be got David Bazzel will get. He is not one of the most powerful men in Arkansas for nothing!

Said Man of Power is on the lookout for a grill. Number one's got to look cool! Knowing David he will buy one and spot a better one in a week and get it too. He got a little advise from Golfer John Daly.

The hits just kept coming. Joining us in the studio was Arkansas Times Magazine and Legendary political writer Max Brantley. Max got caught up in the fun and sang along with us to the theme to Gilligan's Island. Also from The Times, the fellow that wrote an article critiquing The Buzz Babe Bracket, Gerard Matthews. David forgave him for his writings because Mr. Matthews has a hot girlfriend. Isn't our Baz a thoughtful guy. It was the convo during a break that I found most intriguing.

Phillip Martin and Tim Jackson came in and we talked movies. And with movies goes food. Well, it wasn't popcorn but it was great. A new place called Thirst -N- Howl Bar and Grill brought the house down with their burgers and chicken sandwiches. Now you have figured out why we sang Gilligan's Island song. David kept the Eye of the Tiger and stayed away. His heart belongs to tuna fish and water these days.

Oh, I almost for got. Danny-Joe Crofford set the record of 'How many hot dogs can you put in your mouth' contest. 9 all at once. He was a good sport and wears the honor proudly.

(Q)Who is the only President to never stay in the White House?

(A)Of course George Washington. It wasn't done by the time he left office.

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