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Redneck Round-Up

7/8/2010 12:31 PM

Breaker 1-9 for that Redneck Rider. How 'bout cha Sheridan? Or is it Dardanelle? Oh the heat is on. We covered alot today and I'm not referring to the napkin I had covering my shirt Jed Clampett style.

This morning in the first hour we discussed LeBron James and his announcement tonight of where he is going to play the next several years. During that time we had Buzz Babe Rebecca  in studio. Nobody remembers what was talked about really cause we were all looking at our own studio through the Buzz web cams just to sneak a peek at Rebecca as she sat right there in front of us. If you've seen her you would understand. If you didn't go to the web yourself shame on you. All of that doesn't change the fact that we're a bunch of pigs.

The rest of the show concentrated on Redneck talk of movies with Tim Jackson and the election of Redneck Capitol of Arkansas. Sheridan jumped out to the lead. Sure there were others that garnered votes like, Cabot, Malvern, Greenbrier, and even Lonoke had a push. But the folks of Dardanelle had something to say about all that. They forced a recall. Not even a call from Miss Arkansas Sarah Slocum, a Sheridan native, could seal the deal.

We did get to talk with Gary Hogan about his boxing match with former MLB star Jose Canseco. Past Babe Bracket Champion and Show With No Name favorite Ann Jansen called in her support and concerns for 'Gorgeous' Gary Hogan. Of course we hope 'Gorgeous' Gary defeats his challenger and not just because he came with Al from the Butcher Shop who brought the best  steak I have had in years. I ate it up like a redneck at a Truck Muddin Competition. Now you know why I wore a napkin scarf. That and I'm messy. It was awesome even at 9 am. David will be there today from 4:30-6:30 along with Hogan.

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