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Danny-Joe Crofford Did What?

7/9/2010 11:41 AM

The title says it all. Danny-Joe Crofford did what made him a star years ago when he worked for the Outlaw as Stunt Boy and or The Chinese Gangster of Love. He went to the streets. With Tommy in his ear via Blue tooth directing and Crofford performing, the duo can not be beat. DJC is home and resting now but, this morning , well, listen for yourself.....

Our David Bazzel is not at home. He was unable to attend this mornings broadcast. David is out and about taken care of business so he can attend the Shagadelic Shin-Dig tomorrow night. For more info on the party head back to the first page of Not yet for crying out loud I'm not done.

The Rev. Sherman Shakalaka has accepted the Danny-Joe Crofford legal case. The Right Reverend stopped by and discussed the matter with Tommy and Mayor Stubby Stumbaugh.

Then there was the call from Jerry Van Dyke. Jerry was touting the big show in the Hot Water City with his brother Dick tomorrow. And I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about the great breakfast from down home catering. Thank you Tori. If you need a catering gig for your company or just an office thing call them at 501-804-4330 or surf that web at

Hope to see you tomorrow night. If not have a fantastic and safe weekend. And do something good. Save a Litter and Fix that Critter.

Oh yea. How could I forget the naming of the Redneck Capitol of Arkansas. Dardanelle, Arkansas we salute you. All together now.......SALUTE!!

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