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Monday Mob-No Harry

7/12/2010 10:50 AM

Full house today. The only thing more crowded is the area with folks wanting to hang actor Mel Gibson. Seems the Lethal Weapon star was recorded while talking to his latest babies mama Oksana Grigorieva. He seems upset. WOW!

Harry King was not in today. His absence made room for Matt and Mary Jackson. The Show With No Name will broadcast live in El Paso Friday morning at M&M Stop-N-Shop.

KATV Ch. 7 reporter Heather Crawford called in and informed us of a disturbing story that happened in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Then in the 9:00 hour I was regulated to watching the show from the cheap seats. Turns out they weren't that bad. Three hotties. It's got to be OK to say that because they are models and you don't see ugly people in advertising. That is unless we're talking about crack before and after billboards. YIKES! Rachel Troyer, Carissa Noriega , and Tachyra Thornton along with Brandon Campbell creator of The Fashion show this week were up to discuss said event. It was fun. Even from where I sat.

Thank you to Robin and Chris from Liittle Caesars Pizza for stopping by. When people stop by that own or work at restaurants they bring food. Funny how that works. Thankful for that too. Right now Little Caesars Pizzas for only $5.00. I don't care who you are that's good.

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