The Show With No Name

Really...Really...No Really

7/13/2010 12:42 PM

Today was a Two for Tuesday. Really. Favorite Redneck in Sports and, well, Really. David was off on Fourth Quarter Production business but, that doesn't mean he is not keeping and EAR on The Show With No Name.........really

Lindsay Lohan may suffer because she won't be able to smoke in jail.....Really.....That's what bothers you....Really. Mel Gibson has offended just about every group there is except the group that says he has the right to free speech. There is still time in the day.....Really. The Right Rev. Sherman Shakalaka stopped in to announce he was defending Heir Really is a neat bit ripped right off of SNL. Filled four hours with it.....Really.

We had a visit from two different pair of women. The first were Gretchen and Angela speaking about the Chef Demonstrations and Giveaways at the L.R. Farmers' market this weekend......Really. The second pair of lovelies were competing news anchor. Christina Munoz and Dawn Scott.....Really.

David finally made it in around 9:30. Some say just in time to see the girls. I would rather believe he stopped by to see Tommy, Crofford, and myself.....Really.  

We never did finish the Redneck Athelete...Really....Wait, that means we will have a throw away for tomorrows' show....Really. That Tommy Smith knows what he's doing...Really...No, Really.

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