The Show With No Name

Friday Eve

7/15/2010 4:54 PM

That's a good way to describe Thursday. Sorry It's taken so long to get this up. My other laptop went, CRASH!!. That being said, or bloged rather, lets get to it nice and quick before it happens again.

Much fun today. That is unless you're Mel Gibson. WOW!!

Razorback and Honorary Leader of the Redneck Capitol, Dardanelle, Arkansas, John Daly was briefly leading the British open this morning. Brother Father was on hand with a report.

The big thing was when Arkansas Razorback Brad Taylor graced us with his presence. #16 stayed for an hour and he and David told some great stories of thier time on The Hill.

We are out of the studio tomorrow. Headed to El Paso. M&M Stop and Shop. It's the 10th anniversary and there is a party.

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