The Show With No Name

It's Wayland NOT Wayne

7/22/2010 5:23 PM

What a show we had on The Show With No Name! We new we had some guest calling in and stopping by so we started out with perusing the paper and spotted the bestiality story. Trying to get the strange stuff out of the way first. Thought we might have audio from Trey Schap at SEC Media Days. We will tomorrow. He did tell us Ryan Mallett joked about one foot is fine now but the other is broken. HAHA! What a card. Just Win Baby!

Taz had a moment of stumbling when we talked about Jack Nicholson and he wanted to comment. Shoot, now I don't know why we talked about him and Tazs' comment doesn't help.

One of the guest calling in was Achy Breaky himself Billy Ray Cyrus. No, check that. Billy Ray Vyrus. Well, Mr. Milley Mullett was a no show. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be that way. I think some of the haters on Live Fan Feedback are rubbing off.  

David, Danny-Joe and I had a blast this morning. It came to a crescendo when we had an Arkansas legend among us. Songwriter and sometime singer Wayland Holyfield talked to us about an event he is involved with. Actually it's his Hall High Reunion. The 50th to be exact. But that took a back seat to how he became a songwriter to the stars.

Tomorrow is a Friday baby. We will talk some SEC Football with audio from Birmingham of Ryan Mallett and Coach Petrino.

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