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Thursday Treasures

7/29/2010 10:44 AM

With apologises to Jed Clampett, "Well doggies"! Getting closer to football season means we are still not there so we try to provide you with a little pop culture, some education, and a whole lot of fun!. That being said. my friend and training sensei David Bazzel has been named for the 14th year straight the Best Looking Person by the voters and readers of the Arkansas Times most anticipated issue of the year. Years past David has won the Best Looking Male but, they have just giving in to his popularity and named him Best Looking Thing That Lives On Earth. That means male, female, dogs, cats, trees, and even flowers for goodness sake. We had some fun with it on the Daybreak segment today.

More fun with this guy Bud. Still not sure what he was talking about. Sounds a little like , no a bunch like, country singing legend George Jones. George was a little tipsy  when he called some time ago.

The Buzz Sunday Morning Show host Bill Vickery called in to discuss his placement in the Arkansas Times Readers Poll as well as opine on a couple of other subjects. He is the smartest man in Arkansas. He is too modest to admit that.........on the air anyway.

Our special guest today was Leonard Maltin. You know, the film critic best known for his time on Entertainment Tonight.

I tried to enlighten the guys on a little Mule talk and Mr. Television Milton Berle but, somehow Danny-Joe forgot to give me the audio. He was only protecting Tommy I'm sure. Why? Because you know The Outlaw. When he started talking about mules, donkeys, horses and TV legend Milton Berle it turned from P.G. to. oh well, never mind. We did however close the show with a little fun with Mr. Crofford aided by The Zones Justin Acri.

Tomorrow we are on the road to Fletcher Dodge. Also, may throw out Mount Rushmore of TV game show hosts........Huh? What now? I mentioned to you earlier football is still a few weeks away. "Yall come back now, ya hear"

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