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Minus Monday

8/2/2010 11:12 AM

We were without David Bazzel today. Our friend was doing paperwork and needed every hour he could get to to finish and gear up for TUNA WEEK 4!!.

Hey, before I forget. I was not able to blog Friday and we had a great show at Fletcher Dodge with another one of Frank Fletchers good friends and Elvis insider George Kline.

With apologise to Casey Kasem, "And now, back to the countdown." It turns out that Fridays show may be the only audio available this blog. Danny-Joe is on vacation and in his stead is the The Hawk. RJ was unable to provide me some thus far. I am trying to get him before I finish blogging. We'll see.

Harry King was in today and we talked Razorbacks, (by the way Harry says Mallett will complete only around 39% of his passes this season) Most hated team in sports all time, top 16 Arkansas sport stories of all time and of course the brain massaging exercise, The Mount Rushmore of TV animals. In Harrys opinion, the '94 National Championship is number one with the Hog football teams of 1964 and '65 with their undefeated run and the 1969 Shootout against Texas on his list also. But nothing brought a bigger smile to his face than when Tommy 'Senator Pork Chop' Smith played the theme to Mr. Ed.

I think it has been decided. Since only myself and two other people read this blog I will proclaim The Mount Rushmore of  TV Animals to be as follows: Lassie, Flipper, Arnold Ziffel, and of course the horse, Mr. ED.

The most hated team ever in sports is topped off with the 1986 Miami Hurricanes.

And last but not least it's SHARK WEEK baby!!!

Turns out with a little thinking I was able to turn out some audio and video without bothering RJ in his slumber. My head hurts.

 David is back tomorrow, Danny-Joe is still gone, and I'll be here all week. Tip your waitress.

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