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8/3/2010 11:29 AM

We were throwing it out there today. Tommy was out. David didn't know until 5:45. We got ripped by some haters for show prep or lack there of. That is just ridiculous! Well, at least the lack of part. We didn't even get to the State Parks or deeper into the 'your' favorite smell topic.

We talked Razorback 'tweeners'. These are players that did not have the star power but made tremendous contributions. Luther Franklin, Marshall Foreman,Bobby Joe Edmonds. All sure did but the one that sticks out the most is, well, he caught the ball during the game known simply as 'Miracle On Markham'.

Two sport athletes at Arkansas? We had 'em. Barry Lunney Jr., Marcus Monk, Matt Jones, and Clyde Scott. Mr. Scotts off the gridiron accomplishments were during the OLYMPICS!

We visited with Cody, Megan, and Lauren from a future 'Live' Broadcast and current advertiser, Antique Brick and Outdoor.

Former KTHV sports reporter Eric 'Keanu Reeves' Sullivan gave us some of his insight on Americas Team, The Dallas Cowboys. Neo, er....a... Eric works for a station in Dallas these days.

By the way. quite a few people still read the comics in the Sunday paper. David also brought up one of his favorite action figures as a kid. Does Caption Action look like he's up to a park....where there are kids? I'm just saying.

Car Wars is kicking of its 37th year this Thursday and runs thru the weekend. Clint Albright stopped by. I'll be there Saturday from 10am-12pm.

With football in full swing this week David brought to our attention a new song by Kenny Chesney. It will get a ton of airplay and be used in sooooo many video montages it ain't funny.

Lack of show prep? I think not Jerry. All I need now is RJ Hawk to post the audio I requested this morning and make this blog a tiny bit more entertaining.

Tomorrow 'Wildman' Wilson and the return of Lindy!!

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