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Redneck Tour Stop 2....Sheridan

8/18/2010 10:53 AM

WEEELLLLL DOGGIES! We hit the second city on The Redneck Tour 2010. Sheridan, Arkansas. Population 3752. Salute! Got in town Tuesday night and headed straight to the hotel. The Hillcrest Inn on Hwy. 167. I was pleasantly surprised to have WI-FI available in the room. FREE! You don't get that in the big city. Very nice place. If your come this way stop by here for a night and hit the pool. Did I mention WI-FI? FREE! Thank you Barbara and Staff.

Wow! What a spread at Nana's Restaurant. I know, I know it's a buffet. But, the food is great. Breakfast when we arrived and they started getting the lunch choosings out before we were done with the broadcast. While we dined on eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, you get the idea, Steve 'Wildman' Wilson talked to us about Humming Birds.

I have now met 3 of the participants from The Shootout! If i have to tell you what that is, turn off your computer, move to Florida, and enjoy the company of Renee Gort. Here is number 37, Louis Campbell.

We finally got to talk to THE Nana, sprinkled with a little Straw Man and 2009 Miss Arkansas Sarah Slocum. You know that just wasn't enough sprinkles of Sarah. So here is a spoonful.

What would a redneck tour be with out Elvis? Elvis D. Presley that is. Candidate for Governor of Arkansas.

We had a great show with all the folks stopping by from the Mayor, Chamber Director, High School Football coach, to the regular old hard working Redneck. I by that we mean nothing but respect for the men and women, boys and girls of one of our favorite places in the state of Arkansas. Sheridan that is, Grant County, Timber Fest. Set a special. Take your shoes off. Yall come back now, ya hear!

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