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8/24/2010 11:56 AM

Ever had one of those days. You know you don't stand a chance because you still have the day before's concerns that won't or can't be resolved by you alone because you are waiting on the call. Well, still waiting.

We had a bona fide actor in our studio today Josh Pitts. He was in with Brent from Trios. It's all about a benefit for the West Memphis Three.

 We have finished our Fantasy Football Team. Wasn't here last year so I'm not up to speed on the connection with ASU Head Coach John Brady and the league. Coach Brady called in this morning and after his call.....I'm still out of the loop.He played Beat the Baz...with Baz.

The Saline county Sports Bar, Touchdown Sally's was up and did what any right thinking restaurant would....they fed us. Thank you for the steak, wraps, shrimp. Too much to mention. I can tell you TD Sally's is giving away $1000.00 each week if you correctly pick the exact score of the Arkansas Razorbacks football game this season as they did last year. If that doesn't get you over to Saline County to Touchdown Sally's the food is that good on its on.

The Queen of Groupies is running for office. Sweet Sweet Connie was touting her race. You know if she was good enough for Grand Funk it's time the State of Arkansas embraced a legend and hears what she has to say.

Don't forget our contest. Touchdown sally's not the only way to win $1000.00.

The Hog Tunes Challenge 2010. Here is how it works:

Submit any original song with Razorback lyrics. Buzz employees are not eligible. By entering in the contest, participants will allow the 103.7 Buzz to play submitted songs at their discretion. Deadline for digital/email submission is 12:00 Monday Sept. 6 and Hard copy submission at the station is Friday, Sept.3.

1st place prize is 1000.00, live performance on the SWNN and the BUZZ UA/LSU tailgate party.

2nd place - Appearance on the SWNN and Buzz prize pack

3rd Place - Appearance on the SWNN and Buzz Prize Pack

Judges will include:

Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, Roger Scott, Danny Joe Crofford,
Justin Acri, Pat Bradley, Joe Franklin, Beth Hunt, Melinda Mayo
Barry Brandt, Steve Sullivan 
Winner will receive a 1099 form for contest prize money at the end of 2010. Winner is responsible for applicable taxes. Rules are susceptible to change by signal media at any time during contest
$1000.00 is huge in any economy. The best of luck to everyone!
Thanks for listening and making The Buzz 103.7 your #1 station. Join The Show With No Name from 6a-10a Mon-Fri with Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, Danny-Joe Crofford and myself.


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