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8/31/2010 12:10 PM

Well, please forgive me for being  derelict in my duties. It's been a little tough not being able to post because of all our activities. Starting back on the road last Thursday checking out the new press box on Markham, Friday heading to the Mighty Mississippi for fishing, to all of the football yesterday and today at War Memorial. I'm going to catch you up real quick and then head to the gym and back out to the stadium. You should enjoy all this. Just think of it like a season premiere of a TV show where it's longer than normal. (That's what she said). If you call in tomorrow and tell me what TV show uses that phrase more than any other these days I will give the first one dinner for two to Dentolns Trotline. (The answere is The Office) 

Here we go:

Thursday Charlie Staggs invited us out to view the new Paul Eells/Jim Elder Press Box at War Memorial Stadium. Tommy threw former Razorback Anthony Lucas a pass on the field while David did the play by play of Tommy attempting a 25 yard throw. We also talked to 'Mountain Man' David Mitchell about our fishing trip to Mississippi. Stadium and press box look great by the way. Friday the show was at Antique Brick and Outdoor. Former Hog QB Ron Calcagni spoke with us. David suggested Tommy ease up on the idiot name calling and we had our first conversation with newly signed, every Friday, Show With No Name guest, Lou Holtz.

Passing right over the weekend as far as audio goes but David and I spent 8 hours on Old Man River Saturday. Monday we had an old regular but favorite fella in. Of course I speak about Harry King. I was going to attend my first Touch Down Club gathering and hear the opening speaker, former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach even before he called in the show.

Almost there. Today started the beginning of football talk every Tuesday this season with All American DE Bruce James of the  1968-70 Arkansas Razorbacks. He is passionate about his Hog uniform and you can hear it. Rex Nelson dropped by and joined the debate and talked Piggies, announcers and of course you can always count on Rex telling where the good food places are.

Boy my boy. You still with me? Great! Well, that's it. I hope that has caught you up somewhat. Don't forget about the contest. More songs in everyday for the Hog Tune Challenge 2010. Here is how it works:

Submit any original song with Razorback lyrics. Buzz employees are not eligible. By entering in the contest, participants will allow the 103.7 Buzz to play submitted songs at their discretion. Deadline for digital/email submission is 12:00 Monday Sept. 6 and Hard copy submission at the station is Friday, Sept.3.

1st place prize is 1000.00, live performance on the SWNN and the BUZZ UA/LSU tailgate party.

2nd place - Appearance on the SWNN and Buzz prize pack

3rd Place - Appearance on the SWNN and Buzz Prize Pack

Winner will receive a 1099 form for contest prize money at the end of 2010. Winner is responsible for applicable taxes. Rules are susceptible to change by signal media at any time during contest
$1000.00 is huge in any economy. The best of luck to everyone!
Thanks for listening and making The Buzz 103.7 your #1 station. Join The Show With No Name from 6a-10a Mon-Fri with Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, Danny-Joe Crofford and myself.



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