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Who Is Working Labor Day?

9/6/2010 11:49 AM

Whose working Labor Day? Your friendly neighborhood Buzz Crew, that's who! Yes, much to the dismay of The Outlaw Tommy Smith we the crew of The Show With No Name were here for you this morning. Not to mention, the rest of the day will be filled with the live bodies of your favorite Buzz personalities. Why? Because that's how we roll! Now, I won't spend too much time on this blog for I know you want to get back to your burgers and dogs and I'm headed to Mob Town USA for the same.

Harry King joined us and took with him a list of the lyrics for the Hog Tunes Challenge 2010 that he will use in an upcoming article. The Hog Tunes Challenge is a contest that has far and away exceeded the Director, me, and it's Developer, David. I'm sure with all the last minute work Danny-Joe Crofford did for the Challenge he was pleasantly surprised as well. Thank you DJC. I couldn't have done what you did so quickly and efficiently. We have a ton of talented folks in The Natural State and you will get to hear the results this week. We also need your help in deciding the winner. A $1000.00 check will be awarded to the that person or in some cases persons.

 Geez, I've stayed on here too long today. So, just as you see the winners at awards shows get the wrap up motion and then hurry with all the thank yous. Thank you current Channel 7 intern and future ESPN reporter Chris Kane. The Weather Ninja and Golden Corral. Thank you. To Mary and Chris from Ward for the ribs, sausage,chops and more. They are bowling buddies of Tommy. Thank you to Al from The Butcher Shop. Al came in looking like one of those new one hundred dollars with the big heads on it. Bringing us steak and then donating time and money to MDS. And last but not least, THANK YOU!! Enjoy this end of the summer holiday. Happy Labor Day!

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