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It's Me Again Margaret

9/13/2010 2:31 PM

It's me again Margaret. That is the tithe of a Ray Stevens song. Who is Ray Stevens? You should be ashamed. Anyway, it's been a little while since I have been here. Thanks for calling to check on me. Let us move forward from here, K? Today Was a good show from a football talk stand point. Oh, I almost forgot. The Cowboys make me @*&#@!

Harry King came in today and we broke down the Hog victory over ULM. Yea Right.

If you miss any of the pro games on Sunday, The Show With No Name has it all for you in a piece beautifully put together by one Danny-Joe Crofford called Highlights in a Jaro.

Oh my Gosh! Lindy stopped by on a Monday. It has to be a huge thing. It was more than that. It was Super and Bowl-ed me over. Get it?

Now for the make-up job. Last week Tommy was out and  we spoke about Razorback Jerseys and with Arkansas AD Jeff Long. Also, Marlene with the FBI Citizens Academy. Very interesting stuff. Of course, I couldn't resist screaming Citizens arrest, Citizens arrest!

Almost caught up. Did you know there is a movie about cheese dip? If you listen to the morning show you did. OK, if you didn't, now you do.

Every Thursday, remember we have legends of the Wrestling World on with us. Our guest this past week was the one and only Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart!

Lets wind it down with some good times, good radio. OK, OK, it was for some. Friday we wrapped up the week at Antique Brick and Outdoor. The funniest and most entertaining guy in College Football, Lou Holtz made his weekly appearance. Rasslin' Man slobbered his way on to the set.

That's going to catch you up. Thanks for your understanding and I hope you enjoyed the ride. Tomorrow Bruce James is in. He says what he thinks and that's a rarity these days. You don't want to miss it.

Thanks for listening and making The Buzz 103.7 your #1 station. Join The Show With No Name from 6a-10a Mon-Fri with Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, Danny-Joe Crofford and myself.


P.S. The Dallas Cowboys make me wanna @!*&%^$#@!*!!!!. But I do love them so. How 'Bout Dem Cowboys!! 

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