The Show With No Name

Georgia Bulldogs and Lunch Boxes

9/14/2010 3:45 PM

Tommy had to leave a little early today so David , Crofford , and I did what we do. We filled in like professionals. OK ,OK you can stop the laughing. I said that was enough. Besides we had guests. Julia Hamra from Blue Coast Burritto stopped by to say hello.

Tuesdays with Bruce James. That sounds like a coffee table book. It would have to be a big table. I commented that Bruce James has a bigger upper torso, chest to be specific, bigger than most queen size mattresses. He laughed at that. Actually David Bazzel laughed at that and Mr. Bruce 'Razorback All-American' James looked at me with pity. I've seen that look so I am familiar with it. We had this Arkansas legend from the 1969 Shootout talking about the upcoming game between the Hogs and the Georgia Bulldogs, our mascot Tusk running on the field,some trivia, and get this, lunch boxes. He gave me that look again. By the way, he had a Roy Rogers lunch box.

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