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9/15/2010 1:47 PM


We had a star studded show to day. Steve 'Wildman' Wilson went it alone today and told us about a celebrity fund raiser at I-30 Speedway. Lindy did the same thing. But then again, she's tough enough and not scared of a couple pig radio guys.

Bruce James called in to defend himself about a statement he made yesterday referring to the Baylor Bears mascot being on the field at football games.

We are going to be in Pine Bluff Thursday night and doing the show Friday morning in conjunction with Smoke on the Water. Michelle Rocha and Sheri Storie stopped by to tell us about it and play our games.

Just as we were starting to starve, as morning guys usually do, Tony from Delicious Temptations brought us life saving food and his newest employee, Corrina.

What would the morning show be if we didn't talk a little about movies. Well, we put the vote out on three actors, Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, and Morgan Freeman. David and I have a different total. It still came out with Duvall first, Jones, then Freeman, but Mr. Bazzel is slighting Mr. Duvall a vote. It is a hanging chad issue that is going to cost him lunch or dinner of my choosing. Bon appetit, me. 

Now on to your chance to win Hank Williams Jr. Tickets:

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening Mr. or Miss. OK, or Mrs. Feel better? Good. If I may continue. Your mission, if you choose to except, is to call The Show With No Name after the top of the hour break at 8 am Thursday Sept. 15, 2010 and tell me the question and answer to to this bit of Hank Williams Jr. trivia.

What was the name of the mountain and how many feet did he fall in August 1975? Answer: Ajax Mountain in Montana and he fell 442 feet. Your lap top will self destruct in 15 seconds. Good Luck.

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