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L Is The Word....We're Looking For

9/16/2010 12:31 PM

The way it usually happens is one of the guys on The Show with No Name ask a question, or makes a comment and that can consume a great deal of time on a morning show. Well this morning David asked for help on finding a word that starts with the letter L. This is to go along with The Legend(Tommy), The Linebacker(Duh), and the ......It could have been worse.

A friend of Davids, Kendrick, called in to tell of a way he is helping his fellow classmates get up and exercise. At least as a starting point.

One of my favorite games of all time is Match Game. It is over the top funny when Tommy host it on The Show With No name. Don't believe me do you? Listen to Meat Man play the game.

This being Thursday our weekly segment with someone in the world of Wrestling calls in. Today Danny-Joe Crofford invited Rasslin Man to spare with Matt Morgan of TNA Wrestling. I hope DJC smoothed it over with Matt. Help me Oprah Winfrey! 

On any show you want there to be some sort of commonality in topics. You know, a couple topics that just naturally go together. Today was no exception. Dan with Mexico Chiquito fed us and Dr. Tim Langford informed us.

Take two: Hank Jr. had his first number one song featured on the soundtrack of one of Tommy's favorite movies. What is the movie and song? Answer: Kelley's Heroes and All For the Love of Sunshine. Be the first caller with the question and answer after Lou Holtz at 7:30 tomorrow morning and you win. Good Luck!

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