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What Game?

9/20/2010 1:53 PM

Monday after a Razorback win, is there anything else to talk about? Other than the Dallas Cowboys ruining a perfectly good Sunday afternoon. They should be ashamed. The Hogs didn't disappoint did they. What a great win. of course I would say that about all the rest if they want me to. Thank goodness Harry King keeps us grounded. I'm sure it was the itching and burning that had him preoccupied. 

Ryan Mallett was the SEC offensive player of the week, Jake Bequette knocked the snot out of Aaron Murray,and of course Greg Childs scoring on our last play, but what about the longest Razorback field goal in the last decade? Did you read what I just said? Go back, we'll wait. Got it now? How about that Zac Hocker huh? We talked to his dad Roy Hocker today.

Can't be the Monday after a Hog game without Razorback Graffiti.

Louis Curtis, a local chef will be featured on Hell's Kitchen this week. He cooked us some steaks for breakfast. Too bad David Bazzel is on the Tuna and Water starve-a-thon again this week.

Former Evanescence guitarist and founding member Ben Moody joined us this morning. It seems the band is getting back together. No, not with Amy Lee but Hannah and the original members at Juanitas this week.

Tomorrow Bruce James comes on in. I'm looking forward to hearing if he thinks the Hogs can...excuse me....The #10 Arkansas Razorbacks can defeat the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide this Saturday in Fayetteville.

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