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Top Ten List

9/28/2010 2:52 PM

Good show today with Bruce James in house. Bruce would have stayed longer but it seems we got a little confused on him being in and leaving early. Or was it that next week he will call in? No wait......dadburnit here we go again!

 Among the birthdays and anniversaries it has been 25 years for David Letterman and his Top Ten List. Yes sir, bingo bango we have one. Top Ten list why you would watch the Arkansas-Alabama game again.

"Not My Ritchie" or maybe "Valenzuela was our dads name". Still nothing? Well it would help if you heard them instead of reading them . Maybe not. Lou Diamond Phillips was on with us today. L D as I call him when we are hanging out had a great sense of humor with a few radio worms like us.

Lets give away a pair of tix early this time. Call in after the Ninja which is around 6:20 and tell us how Hank Williams got the name Bocephus. You"ll earn it and then get back to bed before you have to get up for work. Good Luck!

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