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Off Week For All

10/4/2010 1:38 PM

The Razorbacks, Cowboys, and myself had a bye week. I wasn't counting on it it just ended up that way. In being derelict of my duties the audio provided gets stacked up. I blame myself. As always, you don't have to read this blog to hear any audio from any particular days show. It is provided on the main page of The Buzz website Buzz Hub audio gallery window. That being said you can pull up last weeks Mark May, Lou Diamond Phillips, Lou Holtz, Joe Theismann, Stone Cold Steve Austin and much more. I will provide you with some of todays. But first, I have to tell you U of A AD Jeff Long was an entertaining speaker at the LR Touchdown Club. I may be biased but the best comments of the day is the rumor David Bazzel is planning on taking  feeding Tusk IV to another level. Something to the effect of breast feeding. OH MY GOSH! It's always the quite ones.

Today was a Bye-week Monday but that doesn't mean we won't have Razorback Graffiti. It does however mean I don't have audio for you. Harry King was in and that guy knows his golf and football. 

Michelle Bell stopped in to talk to us about the happenings in Dallas this weekend. We the Buzz crew and hopefully you will be there for the Hogs versus Texas A&M Aggies.

The voice of the Razorbacks Football and Baseball teams has just added to his duties as the man calling our Hogs Basketball. We congratulate Chuck Barrett.

We have started a Top Ten List in honor of the 25Th anniversary of David Letterman's Top Ten. There is a debate on whether Wal-Mart should be allowed to build on a piece of land that is designated a Historic Landmark. Land in Virginia that had a couple of famous battles, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. Ever heard of 'em ? Here is the Top Ten List of things you might hear or see at a Wal-Mart built on the precious plot of land.

Bazzel breast feeding Tusk IV! hahahahaha!! What dedication,

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