The Show With No Name

D Day - One

10/6/2010 3:28 PM

The D is for Dallas and that rhymes with Palace and I'm talking 'bout Jerry's place not George Halas! WOOO! BOOM! By this time tomorrow I will be headed to The Big d with my woman. She will be driving I'm sure and I'll be reading the paper, Tweeting, and playing Texas Hold'Em on my Blackberry.

The Wildman himself Steve Wilson brought by the Chief today. Just a get together with our fellow outdoorsmen make David and me seem like we are closer to nature every Wednesday. I think Wildman is falling for it until we ask about squirrel hunting with a bow.

If you miss it the 7o'clock hour on Wednesday with Lindy you have know clue what's going on around town with The Buzz. She has all of the upcoming events posted on main page of this here website. Better yet, sign up for The Weekly Buzz.

I wish I had the audio for a new game we started playing this week. Well, it's new to the show not new to the world. Password. I threw out what I thought was a joke word just because David said i was making it to easy and he got it. Our contestant did an awesome job of giving the clues. Just three words before the guess. The word was osteoporosis.. Could you do it?

Last but not least, we heard from The Legend. Tommy says he will return to the show on Monday. It was brief but it was him this morning.

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