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Back From Big D.

10/11/2010 11:02 AM

We were expecting The Outlaw back today but he had a doctors appointment and just not feeling up to it quite yet. Keep him in your thoughts and hope he makes it back soon. Speaking of making it back, we did, from Dallas. Friday we did the The Show With No Name  from The Hilton Anatole and the AD from The Arkansas University Jeff Long sat down with David and me. Alright now before you start jamming me up on the school remark I have nothing but love for all the colleges in the state. I am just trying to be hip. Can you dig it daddio? How about me trying for the first time on the air the Razorback Fight Song. If you listen close enough you might be able to catch me a step behind while singing and reading Davids lips.

It took a little time to get back into game mode for some reason this morning but after that 5th cup of coffee we had some fun with it being the 35th anniversary of the start of  Saturday Night Live. We gave out the character and you had to name the SNL cast member that did it. It was a whole lot of fun. I have to admit anytime the bone heads on a radio show do any bit it is easier because we, I mean they, have the answers in front of them.

Bruce James will be in tomorrow and help break down the A&M game and tell us what to expect in the Arkansas-Auburn game next Saturday. I always look forward to the big man coming in cause he says what he means and means what he says. Be there won't you? I'm off now to the LR Touchdown Club. Todays guest speaker is Pat Summerall. No introduction is necessary or you're in worse shape than I am. 

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