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To Cry Or Not To Cry

10/12/2010 1:31 PM

Today Bruce James got the crowd fired up by saying among other things that he didn't think Bobby Petrino was going to last or get the job all Razorback fans want done, win a championship. Say what you will about Bruce James.....he does.

While we were in Texas David asked  Samantha how we met.

The last half of the show had us discussing crying. More specifically if the ladies like it when a man cries. One lady gal from West Little Rock said she didn't marry a wimp. Everyone else said they liked their man crying at the appropriate time or occasion. You know, funerals, child birth, movies, Dallas Cowboys games. Oh those turn me into a blubbering idiot. What man hasn't cried at Saving Private Ryan, Rudy, or dare I say it, Old Yeller? I have a buddy that cried when Spock died. You be the judge. If you cry at both fine. if you cry at only one and it isn't Old Yeller I guess you need to go to Oz and wait in line at the Wizards House and get a heart. Spock versus Old Yeller. I just saw the scene again and can't stop ballin. I'm going shopping. That will perk me up. Why won't David answer my calls?

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