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Top Ten Hose Jobs In History

10/18/2010 3:53 PM

It is Monday after the biggest hose job Razorback fans have seen since....since.....well, the last game we didn't win. Saturday on The Plains in Auburn, Alabama we got introduced to the ugly side of 'under review'. Good news, bad news. Hogs lose, I got a top ten list out of it. Harry King was in for just a bit before he had to leave and hit the links.

The TV show Chuck must be the bomb because it has tons of special guest each and every week. I have never seen one episode. Tonight another of the Hollywood  actors Eric Roberts makes an appearance. He made one on The Show With No Name this morning. Alright dude except he didn't mention my name, mispronounced Davids, and said hi to Tommy. He did get Danny-Joe Crofford correct though. Well I be danged. CROFFORD!! We don't have the audio so I can't help you hear it today. Perhaps tomorrow. It doesn't matter much anyway because it is my birthday and my sweet wife Samantha snuck in a call. If that wasn't enough David has been wanting to talk to my mom and dadgummit we called her. The first time ever in the free world, or the not free ones, that I know of, the woman who gave birth to me on Friday morning at 6:33, October 18Th 1963, my mom was on the air.

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