The Show With No Name


10/20/2010 1:10 PM

Mid-week or Hump Day, Church night or simply Wednesday. Call it what you will, but on The Show With No name it's means a bunch of stuff in one four hour dose of entertainment. HaHa!! Entertainment. HaHa! I crack myself up sometimes.'Wildman' Steve Wilson brought a trio in today explaining a new way hunters can scope out the best locations to find deer. It's called a GIS.

This Saturday on The Hill, I believe the first 50,000.00 Hog fans will receive a cool 80% recycled tote bag. It's cool to me because it has a Razorback on it. No not David Bazzel. It has a Hog on it. Although that should be something AD Jeff long looks into.

Lindy Blackstone was presented with an award this morning for her tireless effort in helping raise funds for Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial.

Tom Bosley died yesterday. Come on....Mr. Cunningham....from Happy Days fame. That set off a discussion of the top TV dads of all time. Of course it gave us the opportunity to reminisce about the shows we watched growing up and then we started singing. Yes, we started singing theme songs and skits and bits from Hee Haw. I can't explain Hee Haw. Well I can, but best if you just see for yourself.

The pretty people from Verizon Arena, Michael and Jana visited us with news of some upcoming shows. 

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