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It's Catch-Up not Ketchup or Catsup

10/27/2010 2:00 PM

Well don't I feel like the politician Making promises and not keeping them. Look at me diverting the blame from myself. Wait, that's a politico again. Anyway, it has been nearly a week since my last blog. Why have I been so far behind? Probably someone on my staff. There I go again. Dadgumint! I am my staff. Since we last met we have talked to Mark May and Lou Holtz from ESPN, Larry Flaxxman the Best Selling novelist on the subject of paranormal and ghostly things, and I evened rapped a little on Friday.

Wrestling guys, Harry King, Actress Linda Hamilton. What do they have in common with Tommy Smith? The all appeared on the Show With No Name this month. You heard, if you play the audio, correctly. The Outlaw let us all know why he has been away. Took courage to say it. Please excuse me from having you have to do so much catching up. Back on track now, for a little bit anyway. If my Program Director Justin Acri is reading this that is why there are so many clips for your listening pleasure. Now listen, listen......couple more and that's eat. Oh you have to hear Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund. You know what? That'll do it. If you want to hear something you haven't in sometime go to the homepage and drop down the BuzzHub window and click audio gallery and BOOM! All you want and more from the other shows.

I have more to say. DUH, just ask the guy from The Biggest Loser. That's inside so you have to ask. Great time in Dallas for the Mondat Night Football game withe Justin, RJ, Bazzel, and Bill Vicory for that matter. Hey here's something else. Which one doesn't remember being there? BOOM BOOM! Headed to do ghost hunting with the only man that could break a a fight on the streets of LR wearing a Batman suit. David Bazzel is correct. That's right, I didn't say costume because it's his just walking around clothes. BOOM BOOM BOOM!

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