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Vote Early and Vote Often

11/2/2010 12:03 PM

It is that time of year. Yes we do turn the clock back this weekend. I'm talking 'bout Election Day. And boy oh boy was it a morning of he said she said and what did they say. Sen. Blanche Lincoln stopped by the office and the hotly contested race she is in brought the most comments from the listeners and the the Live Fan Feed Backers if you will. Her opponent was given the chance to come in or call but the John Boozman camp think they have it in the bag anyway so way waste the gas. Always nice to hear from Gov. Mike Beebe. He is without a doubt the coolest Gov. I have had the pleasure of meeting. All due respect to Mr. Clinton and Mr. Huckabee but they honestly didn't have time for the little guy I don't care what you say. That's just my opinion of course and I know me better than anyone except for my wife..........and David Bazzel. You just know Shane Broadway is going to show up. And why wouldn't he? He is a smart politician and for that matter a very nice and sincere man. Once the word got out to those that hadn't heard The Show With No Name was providing air time to one and all they started coming in like the Great White Sharks at Seal Island......BOOM! Tim Griffin and Jim Keet. Tim in the studio and Jim on the phone. Then Danny-Joe Crofford starting lining up like Noah's boys did the animals waiting to get in that boat of his.Mark Darr, Joyce Elliot, Carolyn Staley and Lance Hines. Oh, I almost forgot that our Tuesday guest Bruce James was in and gave away $103.70 like he does every week.

It was a fast paced show today. I didn't even go out a smoke at the top of every hour like usual. I have done my duty and voted and now it's off to help somebody do something.

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