The Show With No Name

From The Outhouse To The Penthouse Just That Quickly!

11/3/2010 10:51 AM

Today is my wife Samanthas birthday. She turned.....a year wiser. Being married over a quarter does not keep a guy out of the dog house just because. being on the radio it is a wonderful thing to entertain, talk to your friends, and occasionally say something direct to a loved one like Happy Birthday. As I said earlier, today is my wifes birthday and I know that I can let slip a lot of things good and bad on the air but a happy birthday to the one I love and that has all the passwords and pin numbers to our money is not one of them. I waited until I thought she was in the car on her way to work and then I said the sweet and mushy stuff. I'm in the Penthouse with that baby!  Don't get too far ahead of me but you guessed it, she didn't hear it. Outhouse just like that! Hold on here comes another chance.The Governor of The Natural state, Mike Beebe come in the studio. I gave Danny-Joe Crofford the number and......Penthouse!

Today puts us a little bit more than a week away from modern gun deer season and mine and your favorite Wildman, Steve Wilson reminded us of that and a little bit more.

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