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Like Coach Said.."It'll All Work Out"

11/8/2010 11:00 AM

Danny-Joe was out sick today. He is missed when he is out that's for sure. One thing for me is the lack of audio for this here blog. But, it all works out doesn't it. Being out Thursday in Arkadelphia for the Ar. Adult Ed. Super game in February featuring the NFC and AFC champions with one getting The Lombardi Trophy Giveaway and Friday at Oaklawn where David and I put the latest curse on a sports team and or personality, I have those two days of celebrity talkins to give you.

Thursday was The Outlaws birthday and the local TV honeys came a calling. On the phone that is. Beth Hunt and Dawn Scott did some wishing. Of course The Queen and Buzz Babe Bracket Hall of Famer Anne Jansen was first out of the shoot. Now I'm sure if Mark May had know he would have sung Happy Birthday to Tommy. As it were he didn't. Mark did however talk Razorback football.

Friday put us in Hot Springs with another legend, Terry Wallace. We broadcast from Oaklawn and probably put the evil eye on Zenyatta. Maybe that mare needs to stop drinking and just get a nice meal of say rack-of-lamb from The Italian Villa and a good nights sleep at one of many spacious condos from BOOOM! Coach Lou Holtz spit talked his way thru another segment and ASU B-Ball head man John Brady grabbed a vine to hit up the upcoming season with those Red Wolves of his.

Getting back to today was all good in Razorback Nation. The fist-a-cuffs at Nascar, at the Breeders Cup, and in my head movies over the Dallas Cowboys was enough to get Tommy Smith out of the box and start bracketing The Greatest Bubblegum Songs of all time. I think the consensus is The Archie's and Sugar Sugar is a walk off home run champion or we Corliss and put them in the H.O.F.

Tomorrow Bruce James is in and David Bazzel hits the road in the last stop to register for those Super Bowl....I mean...oh shoot...The premier game.....

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