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Thank You!

11/11/2010 12:14 PM

Thank you! Today is Veterans Day. We broadcast The Show With No Name live from The Jacksonville Museum Of Military History. In fact all of the local shows are broadcasting there today. Wow! That's what comes to mind after we heard from Cedric Wortz. Listen as he speaks about his time in the service. We had no idea that he lost both feet due to frost bite until he mentions it.  He said that was in conjunction to getting wounded in three different places. Thank you!

Senator Mark Pryor visited the museum during the show and sat in with us. You know it just dawned on me. Here is another way that I know I'm getting old......I mean older. I am an elder to a United States Senator. Thank you very little!

Thursday means Mark May and college football talk. We, and by that I mean Razorback fans, love us some Mark May. Why you ask? He is the only one on ESPN that picks the Hogs to win week in and week out. Homers I know. Thank you very much!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Lindy for getting today's shows done at the museum. It was a wonderful experience to see all the history and I didn't get to see it all. Even more magnificent was the time spent with the few veterans that spoke to us. They are our heroes. They won't say it because that's the kind of men and women they are. Thank God for them all! 

Thanks for listening and making The Buzz 103.7 your #1 station. Join The Show With No Name from 6a-10a Mon-Fri with Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, Danny-Joe Crofford and myself.

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