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11/17/2010 11:44 AM

Wednesdays are usually a busy day with guest in and out. Seems today had a few more than usual. Of course no mid-week show can get started without that of one Steve 'Wildman' Wilson.

Lindy let us know of a very busy week starting and ending with the Super Bowl Giveaway tomorrow. My words not hers. Not that the high school football games, spots shows at Dugan's Pub, or The Zone remotes are not. But come on we are talking 'bout two people going to the biggest event in sport that this country has to offer and all the amenities that go along with it is HUGE! The last two qualifiers will be picked tomorrow morning. The winner will be chosen on Drive Time Sports at War Memorial Thursday night.

David brought up the question of who the question of who is bigger in country music, Dolly Parton or Willie Nelson. I say it's too close to call. I also say they are distinct enough that if all you had was a silhouette of each you could discern which is which. Willie with that long pony tail and Dolly with that, with that, front court. There I said and I'm sorry I'm not sorry.

Some sort of controversy in a no-call at a flag football game involving former Razorbacks, QB Clint Stoerner and receiver Anthony Lucas. Clint called in and told us how the cow ate the cabbage

Angela and Gretchen visited with us. It's that time of year to start taking your sweetie down to the River Market and get your ice skating on. Jennifer the 'Princess of Trees' as so dubed by Tommy reminded us the time has also arrived for The Festival of Trees sponsored by Carti. The thought of what a Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, Roger Scott, or Danny-Joe Crofford tree would be decorated like came up. That could be a funny and informative bit. Whatcha think?

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