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Turkey Tuesday

11/23/2010 10:55 AM

Today was my second of what could be four Thanksgiving dinners. First with my oldest son Eric and our grandchildren this weekend and Thursday with my wife and kids at my moms. I might have one with my in-laws Friday but today it was turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes compliments of Krazy Mikes. Have I mentioned to you my good friend James Ballentine is the one that brought Krazy Mikes to the Buzz family? Well let me tell you James Ballentine, also known as Stein to his closest an oldest friends, is so much more than just a sales rep. One day I will devote an entire blog to Oh the stories!

While Tommy, Danny-Joe and myself were eating, Mike and Stein were listening to Bruce James. Now Bruce was finished by the time Tommys trainer called but, while Andrea was talking to us Mike and the Stein-ster were all about some of The Outlaws workout secrets.

The NBA has been in full swing a month or so and we got the chance to talk to LA Laker and cooked southern rice lover Derek Fishers mom Annette.

By now you know Tommy has an upcoming segment on KATV Ch.7 tomorrow night right? Christina Munoz came by to get some last minute photos for the piece.

Of course you know our main man David Bazzel was not on The Show With No Name today. He is busy with the Burlsworth and Broyles award nominees that are starting to pile up on him. He will be in tomorrow for the Thanksgiving Show. 

Have you ever heard the story of the Start Packing text from James Ballentine?

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