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A Frown Is An Upside Down Smile?

11/30/2010 10:57 AM

Last night the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Arizona Cardinals 27 to 6. I didn't watch much of it because I was flipping back and forth with The Celtic Woman and the CMA Christmas Special. I gave up looking for Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer because it wasn't on. It is tonight by the way. Back to the game. Cardinal QB Derek Anderson was seen on the sideline laughing and having a good time in the mist of his team losing and losing big with him throwing three interceptions. Whatever the reason he had, Arizona's QB did not like getting busted. Not that anyone does but he walked out of the post game presser mad after a reporter started inquiring about it. Danny-Joe Crofford put together what I think  Anderson wanted to say. 

We had Jeff Hilldebrand in speaking about The Broyles Award while Danni and Lauren from The Arkansas Rice Depot reminded us of those that are less fortunate and how we can help. If you would like to please go to You'll feel good about it I promise.

Bruce James came in for what may be one of the last couple of times of the football season. I enjoy Bruce a ton when he's in. His frankness on the air is great but the stories off are very interesting and informative. Not that what Mr. James says can't be discussed it's just that most times we get side tracked before we come around to it on the show. Imagine that.

Dazzling David Bazzel was not in this morning. Some say it's because he was coming down with something. He has been humping it as he always does during football time. Between the TD Club and The Broyles Award he doesn't get the proper rest for sure. That very well could be it. I happen to think he was just too busy coordinating the arrival of the one and only one of its kind in The United States of America, The Lithuanian Couch. That production will take place crane and all tomorrow afternoon. I will have video.

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