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It's Christmas Time

12/1/2010 6:36 PM

I haven't been home all day so I'm late posting this blog. I've been shopping with David at E.M. Jeans in Conway and working out with my middle son Zac and Justin Acri. Sorry for the delay so let us get started.

The first day of December on The Show With No Name is no different from the rest of the year actually except that we get to talk Christmas and play seasonal songs and it not seem out of place. Even for a Sports Talk station as it were. It's just like that neighbor that that has their lights on the house all year. In December it fits. We had a discussion about Elvis singing Blue Christmas and were able to get the season started off with Dragnet Christmas.

We were fortunate to here a conversation between Son Sir and his father. Fortunate may be a stretch but it seems those two have started another business venture together.

Christmas Karaoke tickets went on sale and have sold out again. It will be my first and I hope I don't screw it up. Lindy Blackstone works sooooo very hard on it that it was bad enough that I had a BLURT Day today and said more than I should have so I better bring it on stage.

Did I mention that Steve 'Wildman' Wilson was with us today? No? Well he was and here is the aforementioned 'Wildman'. 

There was a change in the delivery of the Lithuanian couch so tomorrow it arrives and I will be helping with the crane and scaffolding. Yes you read correctly. Crane and scaffolding will be used. This is setting up to be just like a Three Stooges movie or cartoon. Heads Up!

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