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Here Comes Sa......Saturday!

12/3/2010 11:25 AM

It's going to be a big weekend. The biggest weekend for people to put up their Christmas decorations, the SEC Championship that can put our beloved Hogs in the Sugar Bowl, James Ballentines Christmas party, Tommy Smith walking fifteen miles on a very dangerous stretch of highway, (can you say Frogger) or David Bazzel taking his new Lithuanian sofa to the movies.

Today Lou Holtz was unavailable so we the people of your morning show thought it incumbent of us to give you the sports. Here you go. Lebron and the Miami Heat beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the return of the self proclaimed King. Vick rallies the Eagles over the Texans and Dale Jr. reigns as the most popular Nascar driver for the eighth consecutive year. BOOM!

Rex Nelson called in after he heard us talking about him and his knowledge of all things Arkansas. This discussion was about the names of some of our states cities. Did you know we had a good amount of foreign countries and cities names? Look it up. No seriously, look it up I'll wait.......Welcome back. Pretty impressive huh.

Listen, like I stated earlier there are a lot of goings on this weekend so what ever it is you do have fun, be safe and come back Monday morning. You'll be glad you did. Was that corn ball or what? 

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