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Broyles Award

12/7/2010 11:15 AM

WOW! What a time I had at the 15th Broyles Award Ceremony yesterday. That's the reason I did not post yesterday. I had to take the time after the program yesterday to lock away in my head movies all the folks encountered. That's right I was star struck. So sue me. First I have to say Thank You David Bazzel. I saw David gearing up for this before the football season started. If you've been you know. If not you gotta go. The man deserves so much credit for his tireless promotion of our state and athletic program. I have never once heard him say look at what I did. What a guy. Congratulations on another outstanding, as usual, event David.

The guest that came on the show were great. The four Broyles Award nominees that did show were very gracious and humbled by the goings on. Greg Roman and Dana Holgerson, former Razorback and current Horn Frog Dick Bumpas, and another former Hog player and coach Gus Malzahn (Award Winner) sat down with us. As good as it was to listen to Tommy and the coaches, that was baby poo compared  to The Outlaw having a conversation with J. Frank Broyles. Coach/AD/Lord of Razorbacks has more energy at 85 than 20 people whose combined age is 85.

Today was filled with some tense moments. A member of the only Razorback team thus far to win a Sugar Bowl game Bruce James has officially disowned me. No it's not because I said something about the Little Piggies or said what's the big deal about Mississippi. NO! It's because the Eagles or more specifically Charles Brown and or Gene Redd didn't make the cut on the 2010 Christmas Song Bracket. That's what I said. I didn't kill someones cat or key his car. This is gonna be either good or the death of me. That Tommy knew what he was doing when he gave me the keys to this one. 

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