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What Had Happened Was........

12/13/2010 2:58 PM

What had happened was.....Thursday and Friday we were running snow routes and were doing  what we could to help the less fortunate for  Christmas. Today we were still flying in missing man formation. Danny-Joe was off but R.J. Hawk did some double duty. Sport Slams and Producer for The Show With No Name. That being blogged, I missed Thursday and Friday on you.

UALR top Trojan Steve Shields came in Thursday morning giving away tickets to the UA Little Rock versus Ole Miss Rebel Black Bear game the following Saturday. We lost but that morning we were still living the dream. Later, Tara from The WWE, or the ECW, maybe TNA. No wait, it was Member FDIC. Look, she is another in a long line of Wrestlers to step in the squared circle with Rasslin Man. Also Thursday the man that helped us out today R.J. Hawk stopped in and we had a little fun at his expense. It was a funny minute or two and R.J. was a good sport about it.

Friday Tommy and I were in Bryant lending a mouth to the toy drive put on in part by our buddy James Ballew. I think that's the way you spell his name. J-A-M-E-S. Yes I'm sure of it. I don't know what the take for the families was over that three day event but I'm positive having The Legend Tommy Smith out there helped a few families that may have otherwise gone without this holiday season.

 We have advanced to the Sweet Sixteen in the Christmas Song Bracket. No Harry King and no Chances Are this Monday.Today as I mentioned Mr. Crofford was out. No doubt due in some small part to his rearranging his house so he can display the super game show haul of prizes his received from the Signal Media Christmas party Friday night.

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