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Sing It If You Know It

12/14/2010 2:12 PM

Chances are better tomorrow that The Show With No Name will have all its participants back. Tommy had a check-up this morning so David, DJC, and myself did what we could with little damage to the station. Move along. There's nothing to see here.

Our old buddy and host of The Weekend Gardner Show on Saturdays, Brett Battle spent the day with us. Now that I think about it Brett threw at a question that we never got the answer. At least I don't remember if we did. I was probably talking or looking up the cheapest way to subscribe to People Magazine. That's one of the gifts I'm looking for to get my wife. No I'm not worried about her seeing this and knowing my intentions. Samantha gets enough of me as it is and doesn't need to read up on me to boot. Anyway the question has to do with Poinsettia plants. Are they poison? And how many leaves does one have to eat to get sick or die? Answer tomorrow I hope.

Andrew Meadors stopped in to discuss the recent ESPN 30 for 30 on The University of Southern Methodist and the cheating that brought on their 'Death Penalty'. Andrew was a student at SMU during the time of the scandal and even had the schools mascot Peruna, a black Shetland pony in his backyard one Saturday morning over two decades ago. If you knew Mr. Meadors you would not find that hard to believe.

We had a couple of battles in the Christmas song Bracket. Rudolph destroyed Frosty and Christmas in Dixie pulled out a squeaker against All I want for Christmas. A fun thing we did was throw out Christmas song lyrics. One of us would throw out a couple of sentences and the other would have to finish. The one common denominator in all of that, is wherever one of us is stumped on the words it's the same for the other person in that same song. Maybe tomorrow we throw out some more for the listeners. There are plenty to use. And if David and I found it difficult with songs we knew, believe me there are Christmas songs I have never heard of. As a matter of fact I think whoever built the website I got the list from made some of them up.

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