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Christmas Week!

12/20/2010 12:26 PM

Christmas Week indeed. Having been in and around radio the past 15 plus years if I have learned anything it is that the week of Christmas is filled with fun. Not a whole lot of show prep is done or needed for that much. It's built in. What was your favorite gift as a child? How about your favorite food or song during the holiday? Of course you know of all the holidays, to include Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Easter, New Years, and all the government ones to boot, that Christmas is the first placed on the Mount Rushmore of holidays. It's in the song....It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!   

Saturday night the Annual Buzz Christmas Karaoke was performed at Wildwood. That's off of New Kanis. Did you know there was a new Kanis?  Well, any way, there is and it was a blast. What a collection of talent on that stage. DVDs will go on sale shortly. There will be audio played on The Show With No Name throughout the next couple days I'm sure. We started doing that this morning. A perennial favorite stayed on track and brought the house down. From KATV, Jason Pederson came in first place. He performed the dual role of Lionel Richie and Diana Ross singing Endless Love. Jason called in today and thanked the academy for their votes and told us of his preparation for the role. Make sure you get that DVD. David Bazzel does a phenomenal job of sing acapulco, if you will, 'In The Ghetto'. David said he was nervous but you couldn't tell from what I saw or heard. Oh shoot I could go on and on. Just stay tuned and get the video.

Harry King came in for his traditional reading of The Night Before Christmas. Turns out Harry has never done that on the show and wishes I would quit touching him. Harry my main man is such a kidder.

Like I stated earlier it is Christmas Week. Tomorrow Tommy wants to go shopping. I know, I know. There's a show!

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