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Welcome Back ......Kotter

12/28/2010 11:05 AM

Well it was the first thing that popped in my head. A head that is clogged up on one side. But enough about me. The Show With No Name was back on the air today after an extended by one day holiday vacation. Man I sure do dig the folks I work for at Signal Media. There I go again talking 'bout me.

A power outage caused the station to be on generator power which when the lights would dim made my buddy David Bazzel comment that it was like being on radio silence in a submarine. Tommy added the dropping depth charges line and it fit. In my sniffly, runny, stuffy head so I can day dream moment I imagined being the engine room chief and having to shut off a busted valve while calming down my crew with the song Edelweiss.

The New Years week is like running on generator power and snow routes all in one. Don't miss understand me please and thank you. I'm talking 'bout fun times. There are quite a few folks other than our own staff that are off this week so the calls were scarce. That could've been because our own Danny-Joe Crofford is enjoying his allotted PTO. If I have to explain what that is, you will just hate your job and that is not my intention. But I digress. The Legend, Linebacker, and Livewire chatted about the Razorbacks, snow storms, NFL, biggest jerk in their field, and the wonderful news of the arrival, through surrogate of course, of the new son to Mr. and Mr. Elton John.

Man it just hit me that we are a week from the Sugar Bowl! I will be going in that direction on Sat. or Sun. The stories that come out of New Orleans could be some of the best radio or it could will be good. I have to take a camera. I see YouTube moments happening. Bradley!!!

Tomorrow Steve 'Wildman' Wilson and Lindy stop in.

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