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Auld Lang Syne

12/31/2010 10:53 AM

You still have time to get your greens, beans, and ham. Today is New Years Eve 2010 and for me personally it has been, in a word, fantasawesomelygreat! David Bazzel and Pat Bradley left this morning for the Big Easy. Justin and Lindy leave tomorrow and I follow on Sunday hitching a ride with my buddy The Stein. He says we are stopping off at Brittney Spears house to get a look see. I'm in. I don't have to tell you we are going down to watch our Hogs in the Sugar Bowl do I? OK den good. We had a listener win a pair of tix to said such game yesterday by having a celeb call in. Can you say Barbara Mandrell? Coming in a close second was Arkansan and country star in his own right Joe Nichols. Yes we did get other celebrities calling in like singer Johnny Lee, champion fisherman Larry Nixon, and even celebrity chef Don Bingham

We had some fun at the expense of our buddy David Bazzel. He was saying he needed to lose some weight and lose it in a hurry during the time we are at the ballgame. He said this as he was headed to the vending machine. Well, one thing lead to another and......boom!

Just in case you missed it today we did a New Years Song Bracket. Only two songs are in it and it ended in a tie. The 1 seed from the east was Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians. Ever heard of him? Bet you know Auld Lang Syne. Top seed out of the west was Dan Fogelberg and Same Old Lang Syne. I love that song and if it doesn't make you reflect upon hearing.......wait a minute.....I just wrote 'reflect upon hearing'.....Have a Safe and Happy New Years Eve. May God bless 2011 to be the year that you've been waiting on.

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