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Weekend..Do What You Want To Do...Weekend

1/7/2011 11:36 AM

It is indeed the weekend. It has been a longer than usual week. No it did not have eight days in it. We started out for New Orleans on Sunday morning and came home Wednesday night by way of the new shortcut to MONROE, LA! David is headed to the Bahamas for a couple three or four days, Tommy has got a garage door to paint, Crofford has a call to make to the Queen Mother to find out where his tickets are to the wedding of Prince William, and I have a Christmas tree to take down. Oh it's coming down Jerry! What a different group of guys huh? I love it. Oh yea, I heard Pat say he was going to lay low and recoup his electrolyte lost on Bourbon and Justin is gonna go nuts eating fried chicken and such.

We had a show today that covered the method of beatings giving out during our childhood. A great deal of us got the same thing. It was the switch, belt, hot wheel car tracks, and fly swatter. I personally liked getting my dad his robe belt to use on me. Mr. Sherwood took the same kind of discipline. Maybe he should have gotten more or maybe sent to a youth home because he tried to set the woods on fire or get this, hang his brother. Boys will be boys.

Hitting on the sports was easy today. The last Razorback Graffiti was done and the consensus was thank you and good luck to our declaring early for the draft QB Ryan Mallett. Jason Garret gets the Cowboys head gig, and Attorney General Dustin McDaniel pitched his latest endeavour.

There is talk of snow coming into the state this weekend, Sunday to be exact. I guess I just jinxed it didn't I? Sorry 'bout that chief. Whatever happens stay safe and have a great weekend.

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