The Show With No Name

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful.....

1/10/2011 6:02 PM

Oh the weather outside is frightful but the Hampton Inns delightful. Another night away from home,all alone, all alone, all alone. I am spending a second night in a hotel. Last night the Courtyard Marriott and tonight the Hampton Inn. Thank you Signal Media and Dian for setting me up. Tommy made it home before noon today and I got home about that time. My bride of more than a quarter century had that roast ready and the country smell of fried potatoes filled the kitchen. I took a couple hour nap and got on the road. Man I tell you Black Ice and White Knuckles! It did seem more cleared of the snow but the moisture will freeze and that's when I turn into a sniveling lil weenie. I'm sorry I'm not sorry! Did i mention I'm comfy in my room watching Wheel Of Fortune? I just did Spin it Vanna baby. OK I am getting delirious. We did have Harry King on this morning. Like to hear him?

Be safe out there. Our buddy David Bazzel is back from the Bahamas and will join us on his show, The Show With No Name tomorrow.

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