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How Sweet It Is......

1/11/2011 2:33 PM

We had a good time this morning talking about among other things the National Championship Game. It was good to have David Bazzel back home. He wasn't felling too good. I think he got his medicine and some soup. I'm waiting on a call from Jacked-Up Guy to let me in the condo. My key the cleaners. That way I can go over there and put some Mentholatum on him. What?!

I sat in with Justin and Joe on The Zone while Pat was trying to medicate himself because of illness so he can be at Dentons tonight for the first of many Sportsweeks, if you will, with Trey and Ernie. No, you're thinking of Burt and Ernie. Every Tuesday during basketball season join the guys on The Back Porch. I'm sure Stein will have some deals for you and his main man each week.

The streets were better today so for the first time in a couple days I will be sleeping in my on bed tonight. Being away from your family when you're out of state or out of town for that matter is so different than when they are just across town. Why would you be in a hotel across town while your family is home? There are a number of reasons one would do that. Most of them not good I suppose but mine was of course weather related. Nevertheless, I am there as we speak and comforted by my favorite place in the house. OK, second favorite place. Alright already! One of my top three places. My chair! James Taylor wrote a song about it. Want to hear it? Here it go.

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